Meet The Families

There is a tremendous need for your support based on the number of pediatric cancer cases in Central PA. Since 2012, thru our generous donors and sponsors, we have provided over $200,000 in Financial Assistance Packages and over 12,400 pairs of pajamas.  Allowing us to support and assist 46 families, and some more than once.  Here are a few recent responses from families we have helped.

Cody Campbell Cody Campbell

“I cannot express into words how much the help from your foundation has helped our family at a time when our world was turned upside down and ripped apart. Your support helped alleviate things that we never saw coming. From the bottom of a thankful father’s heart, thank you.”  ~ Del Campbell

Colton Dietrich Colton Dietrich

“The last 5 weeks have been hard on our family as our 9-month-old son, Colton, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We couldn’t have planned for something like this to happen and it’s been a huge adjustment as we take time away from our careers to care for him. Thank you, Connor M. Holland Foundation, for helping alleviate the financial burden of this difficult season. Thanks to your generosity, we can focus less on how we’re going to continue to sustain our home and more on the treatment and care of our son. You have directly impacted our family so deeply and we are so thankful” ~ Jason Dietrich

Jeremiah Reedy Family Jeremiah Reedy

“Being a one-income family, the gift from the Connor M. Holland Foundation takes the worry of how we are going to keep up with our monthly bills away. Our lives went from happy to terrifying in just a few short days and both of us being able to be with Jeremiah during his treatments means the world to us. Thank you”!

Zoey Daughtry Zoey Daughtry

“Learning how intense her treatment would be, we knew as parents we both wanted to be there for her every step of the way.  However, as a family of 6, we were torn with how to choose between being there for Zoey and supporting the family financially.  Thanks to the support of the Conner M Holland Foundation, we don’t have to choose.  This incredible gift is more than just financial assistance… it has allowed our family to stay close during such a difficult time.  Thank you again!”

Adelyn Lotito Addie Lotito

“Truly, the envelope came on a perfect day. I just sat and cried. This week has been a grueling week. It’s all catching up to us and things just got really hard really quick. This gift just really showed us we can do this, we will get through it. You have helped so much!! Truly, it was getting down to the wire as to how we were going to do this and this truly takes the weight off our shoulders and I can tell you all truly care about Addie.”

Anna Lesher Anna Lesher

“We are so grateful for the help from the Conner M. Holland Foundation.  Time to spend with our children instead of worrying over getting the extra time in at work or doing extra to save money, that is invaluable.  To be able to focus on our daughter and our other children at this time is an amazing gift and we are very thankful to you for helping our family.  I am ever so grateful and this is a beautiful way to honor Conner by helping other families.”

Jaycob Pollari

This 3 year old has been fighting for the last year to win against cancer. Jaycob’s mom is a single mother of four young children.  She was behind on her electric, gas bill and was barely paying her rent. She could hardly speak when I told her we were going to take care of her rent, gas and electric, plus get her through the next few months. The tears were flowing all around!

“You guys have a special place in my heart. I have been struggling a lot trying to stay a float, and also fighting for my sons life. This means so much! Thank you”.

Mariana Garcia

Mariana is 14 years old and was diagnosed with cancer over the summer. Her mom had to leave her job to take care of Mariana, bringing her to the many doctor appointments she needed, and is now homeschooling her and her three other siblings to reduce the risk of bringing any illness home. Last month they could only pay a portion of their rent or they would have been left with no funds for groceries. Her parents were concerned with the winter months coming how they were going to pay for their Gas bill. The CMHF has stepped in to help with their rent, utilities and groceries for the next five months as she undergoes treatment.

Madeline Stravinsky

Meet Madeline Stravinsky. Her mom Suzanne writes…
“When our 3 year old daughter, Madeline, was diagnosed with leukemia, our world was turned upside down. Along with all our medical worries, we also had to think about how a year-long leave from work would impact us financially. The support from the Connor M. Holland Foundation has helped ease that burden. We will forever be thankful for what they have done for our family”.

Carson Flear

Thanks to your continued support, we are able to help families like Carson’s.

“Our 2 year old son Carson was diagnosed in April of 2020 with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma. He was seen at his pediatricians office for what we believed was a bad case of pink eye, but we soon realized it was something much worse. Cancer is never the diagnosis anyone wants to hear, but with groups out there like yours we know we are not in the fight alone. It means more than you will ever know to have people like you who care, and want to help in any way you can. The world needs more people that are filled with such compassion and devotion. We will be forever thankful, and so will our little boy”.

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